Ayurveda Hack #7

Ayurveda Hack #7

Ayurveda Hack #7 “How to juice” based on your Dosha
A Green juice a day keeps the doc away! It’s full of vitamins, a great way to refresh yourself and to give you an energy boost. Here some tips how you should enjoy your juice based on your dosha ?

? If you’re Vata it’s super important to add some warming ingredients like ginger and cinnamon to your juice. Also recommended mixing some hot water in your juice and to skim the foam off (foam causes gas).

?If you’re Pitta a green juice is perfect to cool down and to balance out inflammation. Add cooling ingredients like mint, aloe vera or cucumber to your green juice.

? If you’re Kapha green juice can help to reduce sugar cravings and if you add ginger and cayenne it’s a great way to activate your agni (digestive fire). Same as for Vata types try to mix with warm water and stick to one glass at a time.

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