Ayurveda Hack #6

Ayurveda Hack #6

Here the Ayurveda Hack featuring RE:TREAT Vienna

Get ready for your early spring cleanse with revolved chair pose. This lovely twist works to wring out clutter while opening your chest. Go from side to side, holding for three long deep breaths on each side, like you’re wringing out a sponge. Enjoy the purifying heart!

The revolving chair pose is a Pitta-pacifying yoga pose, activating your agni or inner fire. Wanna learn more about the power of Ayurveda?

On Friday, the 19th of April we host our next Ayurvedic Yoga Dinner together with Andrea from RE:TREAT Vienna. We start with an ayurvedic yoga flow, followed by a yummy 3-course  ayurvedic dinner. The perfect start into the weekend. Join us!

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